Things I learnt today

Nothing beats a bowl of hot chrysanthemum tea on a rainy day after your work out.

Also, if you’ve ever had a problem trying to access your drive after you’ve switched computers (like me; Verita was the name of my previous computer) and your computer’s brain gives you a “drive not accessible” error message, refer to this link. Had to restarted my computer for it to take effect fully, but I got the data I wanted from Verita. ^_^

Comp Specs

Planning to get this one at the PC Fair. Based on [Cal]’s recommendation:

An ATX case. A well built one ~RM200.
A power supply. About ~RM200 as well.
Processor. A medium range in this day and age is a dual core 2.2 gHz ~RM300
A motherboard fitting your processor model ~RM150
A medium range video card, about RM~200 but this particular item can
range anywhere from RM90 to RM1,200 if you want to pay for it. If
you’re into the casual gaming scene an RM200-300 one is fine.
250GB HDD RM200

A friend’s given me specs:
ATHLON AM2 X2 5000+- RM285
ASUS M3N78-EMH – RM370
KINGSTON PC 800 D2- RM70 *2
GALAXY 8600GT 256MB DDR3- RM299
WD 250 GB 16MB SATA2- RM190
TOTAL – 1495

Planning to skimp on the casing if I have to and perhaps the graphics card, cause I don’t think I’d need that high-end a card to play Maple, Pangay, GE and perhaps Hellgate: London.


Live= Bandwidth Hog

Due to MS wanting people to use Live Messenger instead of MSN 7.5 (claiming that there was a serious security flaw that needed to be fixed, so instead of issuing a patch for 7.5 they force users to upgrade to 8.1 instead, which is a whole different program), I’ve been forced to upgrade to Live 8.1. Here’s the beautiful problem:

As soon as I do so, my Firefox connection drops like a sack of hot potatoes. Why in the world could they not release a patch instead of forcing me to upgrade to Live?

The main reason I did not upgrade to Live was because I did not have enough RAM, and now they hog my connection? It’s only Firefox that dies. My IRC and GTalk work perfectly fine. So, is this a ploy by MSN? I don’t doubt it.

Live Sucks.


According to bro, comp’s running on SDRam. I have a 256mb.

Anyone can spare me some extra ram? Or at least tell me where to get a 1gig one without killing my wallet? Preferably under RM500 if possible. >


I bought some DVD and CD games over the past few weeks but did not get the time to install them. There was also a slight phobia as my two previous attempts to install Fable: The Lost Chapters had been a spectacular failure (they kept saying that they could not find a required file), and I couldn’t play that. Before that, it was another DVD game; Dungeon Seige (which I have yet to install after getting the new DVD).

So it was a bit of trepediation when I installed Children of the Nile yesterday (seeing a pattern in the games I play?) and it told me that although it could detect my DirectX, when I told it to install the new versions anyway, it couldn’t find the file. The game was installed, but I dreaded touching it as I couldn’t bear to face the disappointment.

I decided to open the computer today and just see if it could be played (having copied the crack over after installation last night).


I’m so happy. Will be going home to play a good sim game after this. ^_^