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[Geekery] Hyperlapse! And some tips.

So I was originally going to post something else today or rather draft something else out, but this came first. I’m not sorry.

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse, to put it simply, is awesome! As you can tell from the video, the output is incredibly smooth and intuitive. On mobile, it will allow you to create videos at 2, 4, 8 and 16 times faster. As you can tell, the app works to make long videos shorter. What’s awesome about this particular app is that it actually stabilises the camera, so the end result is an incredibly smooth ride, as you can see from the video.

Here’s a tip from [Marauderz] when shooting for hyperlapse:

Longer videos work better. Generally, the longer your videos are, the more you get to see. For a one minute clip like mine above, you’re looking at at least 8-10 minutes worth of footage.*

Want to learn more about Hyperlapse? Click on the image below:
Microsoft Hyperlapse for Mobile

*I’ll link the original video of the timelapse above later on. Still waiting for Google to back it up for me. I couldn’t wait for this one to be uploaded. Original long, shaky video is below!

[Geekiness] This should be fun!

I uninstalled my Sims 3 quite some time ago because I was not playing the game very often. After watching Ai complain about the difficulties she had in reinstalling her Japanese game and the subsequent sales fiasco, I was a bit hesitant to approach them. However as it turns out, my issue was fairly straightforward.

You see, a few weeks ago, I unhooked my DVD drive from my motherboard because the thing was malfunctioning. It wouldn’t read DVDs at first (and frequently hung the computer too!) and as a last straw, it wouldn’t let me boot Kuro. After removing it, Kuro’s got no issues.

This proved to be a problem today.

I wanted to play the Sims 3. I forgot I’d uninstalled it a few months back because I wasn’t playing it as often. Today I wanted to reinstall and give it a whirl.

I forgot my Sims 3 was a physical disk copy (Collector’s Edition baby!).

I contacted EA live support, to see if it was possible to get a digital version of my game and then used the physical license on it instead. Angelina helped me through the process, and now I’m downloading the Sims 3 via the EA Download manager to see if it works.

Interestingly enough, according to the EA Download manager, they apparently let you download digital versions of your games, just in case your disk gets corrupted or lost. I presume that it requires you having to register your game online first though (which I did).

42 hours left to download a 5gb file though. >> Eep.

[Geekiness] Thought I had a fix…

So today I was bitching all over Twitter about my connection. Or the lack thereof. It got to the point that poor Timothy from P1 called me and received quite an earful from me. The things that I know about my connection is thus:

Connection dies during school holidays
It’s a pattern that’s solidified over the months, but it’s rarely been this bad. The last time it was this bad, I actually more or less screamed at them. The problem went away around 2 WEEKS later.

Apparently it’s no longer a base station issue
Turns out that it’s not just high congestion, but also high data packet loss. I forgot to ask them what causes this.

So what’s a pseudo geek to do?

Troubleshoot of course! Note this applies only to Windows operating systems only. I just uninstalled Ubuntu, so I can’t check there, sorry!

First things first, the most important thing to do whenever you face a connection problem is ALWAYS run IPCONFIG. This is done by going through the Command Prompt.

The easiest way to do is to click on Start (the Windows logo on the lower left corner of your screen) > Accessories > Command Prompt. Note that if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you should right click on the Icon to “Run as Administrator” before you proceed.

Once done, you should see a black window pop up. Now, type the following code:


Theoretically, you should see only 4 items there:

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::d823:79df:2294:4620%11
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

If you see this PLUS something that looks like a tunneling adapter, then there *might* be a problem. Particularly if you see something like “Tunnel adapter Reusable ISATAP Interface” or something that says “Tunnel Adapter” in general. The closest entries I can find online regarding these items is that they’re used mainly to help transit BUSINESSES from IPv4 to IPv6. At this point in time, as far as I know, for the home user, there’s no reason to install this.

So if you’re not afraid, it’s time to get rid of them. You may want to do a System Restore point before we continue (google that one yourself :p).

Now, head into Device Manager. You can access this via Start > Control Panel > Device Manager. Click on View > Show Hidden Devices. Now, scroll down to Network Adapters. Double click twice to see the full list of adapters. If you see something along the lines of Microsoft ISATAP Adapter (especially if there are more than one!), and Teredo Tunnelling Pseudo Interface, then try disabling them. Restart PC and connection, and see if those works.

Otherwise, you might want to consider changing your DNS servers to OpenDNS (I know that P1 suggests Google DNS but I get a faster pingback with OpenDNS, and I was trying to ping Google!). This worked for me, but only for a short time. Right now I’m trying to disable IPv6 to see if that will solve the problem, but at this point in time I am highly doubtful.

So in other words, if after all this fails, go back to screaming at P1. x_x

New family member!

Black Sansa Clip+ MP3 player in box, first was a girl, now is a boy named Sansa.

Meet Sansan.* He’s a boy, a few years old, and I’m learning how to sync him up with his elder brother, Kuro. It’s funny that Windows 7 in the office picked him up very quickly, but Sansan decided to be a bit silly and not want to talk to Kuro until I forced him to. Now they’re playing nicer. 😀 I need to get him a new pair of headsets though. His current ones are good but not of the form I like. I’m looking for a Kanen headset- it’s a China brand but made exceptionally well.

Now to load up some audio books too. :3

*Haven’t decided on the name. Still waffling between Sansan, Sansa, Morpheus and Teleute.