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Windows 7 Launch

Was fun fun fun! I have a picture or two, but am FAR too lazy to actually post them up. All I can say is that the launch was fun! Complete and utter fun. I now have two stickers on my computer table: a green Windows 7 and a very very pretty blue sticker (yes my favourite colour is blue). :D

The launch was officiated by the Business Group Director of Microsoft, a very unassuming guy. I mean, if I had met him outside of the launch I wouldn’t have given him a second glance, thinking him just an ordinary guy. But I had to admit, the launch for Windows 7 was quite a lot of hype.

They had a wushu dance and flag ceremony. I’ll admit, the wushu performance seemed to be less of a performance and seemed to be more of a ritual to drive away bad luck. When you consider just what a “disaster” Vista was…

Yup, they needed it.

Geekiness, Windows 7

Things I love about Windows 7

I’m not ashamed to be using Windows 7 in the office. Can’t wait for the day to use Windows 7 at home and dual boot with Karmic Koala too (I admit this is mainly because I like tinkering with Karmic).

With the exception of my games (I’m not allowed to install games on the desktop in the office), I’m pretty much satisfied with my Windows 7 experience in the office. Can’t wait to go down to Low Yat next week to get my copy, since they are doing some hardcore launch there. I heard they might be selling off certain versions of Windows 7 (probably Ultimate) at 70% off. Yes I is kiasu. :P

So what do I like about Windows 7?

Movable programs in taskbar
Despite the fact that it’s not quite the same as in Ubuntu, I do love the taskbar. It’s much more streamlined and prettier than XP. That and I noticed that the programs opened in the order you set them on the taskbar. Cute!

Find documents in Start Menu
I know a lot of people have shouted out about this feature from the day it was introduced, but really, it can’t quite be overstated enough. I love this. It makes finding documents and programs so much more easier and faster. The only thing I have to be careful about is how I name my documents; I tend to be a very careless namer. XD

The preview windows feature is really helpful if you’ve got a lot of windows open. I didn’t use this much, but it’s been very helpful over the past few days as I handled more and more documents. :D Fun to play around with.

Despite me ranting about the themes being silly, I really do love the themes they have for Windows 7. I’m looking forward to having it on Kuro by middle of next month; it’ll be very inspiring, especially having all my inspirational quotes rotating is going to do wonders for my soul. It’s already done that in the office, and thus I look forward to seeing it on my own comp later.

Polite error messages
Just refer to this entry. I like Windows 7 for the way it tells me something has crashed.

Right side desktop button
Basically the show desktop button is on the right hand of the taskbar on the bottom, next to the clock. You can’t really miss it. It’s in a position that’s convenient and useful for me, not to mention out of the way of all my other programs. :D

Overall, I am looking forward to getting Windows 7. Wish me luck! [Joicie] and me are going to brave the KL evening crowds for the chance to get Windows 7. :D

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Time to upgrade to Windows 7

Just something that occurred to me while I was trying to update Reach Into Your Soul this morning. It’s usually not recommended to run Windows XP without an anti-virus for fear that undesirables can come into your computer. Turns out that that could have been a reason why I couldn’t upgrade this morning; I think my AV must have caught a false positive and blocked the upload of one of WP’s files.

Logged into Ubuntu and no such problems. Yup, I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to download another AV/Firewall product anymore. ._.

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Windows 7 vs Jaunty Jackalope

Author’s note: This is probably going to be all over the place. And as of two days into writing this, it’s over 1,000 words. Whoops!

So I decided that I couldn’t wait anymore and decided to go the dual boot way with Kuro. For those who don’t know, dual boot means you can choose which Operating System to boot into, instead of the usual Windows-only or OSX-only environment.

My weapon of choices has always been Ubuntu. I feel in love with it two years ago when Ubuntu didn’t have any problems keeping my computer running the whole night while Windows XP had a problem with overheating the components.

Still, that’s not to say that Hardy Heron and Jaunty Jackalope haven’t been without their fair share of fun troubleshooting. It’s usually solved by common sense, but common sense is a lacking commodity nowadays.

So I’ve been using Windows 7 for about 2 weeks now (I think, feels like I’ve been using this OS forever) and I decided to log back into Jaunty yesterday for sheer fun.

Things I noted immediately: Continue reading “Windows 7 vs Jaunty Jackalope”