Fever has broken… hooray?

At least, I think it has. The cloud of doom and exhaustion I’ve been feeling the past few days seems to have disappeared, and all I’m left is with this annoying cough. Funnily, I think it was the gargle that did it. I forgot to gargle the past few days and when my cough got bad this morning, I finally remembered to do so.

After the gargle, I couldn’t really sleep, so I stayed up, had breakfast and then meds, and went to bed angry with my dad for something he’d said earlier. Woke up from a very nice dream (me and him exploring Tokyo, I think, together, and staying in this cheap hotel that was really small and cramped but at least had lots of water stocked in the fridge with my parents suddenly deciding to stay there at the last minute and more or less dragged me away from him without them knowing he was there and I had to figure out a way to get back to him including finally activating my DiGi roaming yes dream makes no sense).

After said dream, I realised I felt MUCH better. More clear headed too.

I’ve got my second wind to run to Japan though. Now that I can actually feel and taste it. Time to move forward, with nothing holdin’ me back!

Feverish Break

I’m up, I’m up!

Or so I’d like to think.

I AM up, mostly. The fever seems to have gone down, mainly due to me sweating it out just now while I slept (regardless of what the docs say and proving that SOME old wives’ tales DO work) and my throat seems to be much better.

I have a bit of an ache from where the doc had stuck a needle into the vein on my left hand to draw the blood. How does one tell whether that person is used to drawing blood efficiently or not?

By the size of the bruise they leave when you finally take off the cotton on your wound.

(This, I’m pretty sure, is something [DMJewelle] can attest to)

The bruise isn’t that big (try about a 5 cent coin?) but it does sting. I’m glad I insisted on them taking the blood from my left hand instead of my right. As it stands now, my left hand’s wrist is resting on the comp table while my right hand is the one flying across the keys typing.

The other hand contributes, but mostly just makes small typing movements.

Gee, for someone who’s suspected of dengue (even though the doc herself admitted that it was a very small chance) I seem to be rather coherent, aren’t I? ([Grayfox] will definately attest to this: I don’t do iiko pets very well).

I have an annoying cough though, that comes and goes. Headaches too, comes and goes. I’m actually supposed to eat now, but the body’s not yet that hungry. I’ll wait a bit before I make something.

Was actually supposed to buy lunch when I was coming back from the doc’s, but as I felt a little disoriented on the way to the shops, I skipped that and came straight home to rest instead.

Ah well. Ok, time to eat, then meds and finally sleep again. Nite!

In which I ramble about Coffee…

And its effect on the human civilisation.

Note that the keyword here is “Ramble.” I have no expertise in this field except my own musings and thoughts.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have to ask: Have you ever thought of what would happen to the human civilisation if it had not discovered coffee? Think about it.

This one beverage, together with its “calming” counterpart, tea, have been a staple of many a daily brew for billions around the world. In the East, tea is considered an art form. In the West, tea is revered and coffee indulged.

Without sugar and milk, both are generally bitter, with coffee being the more bitter of the two. Among the Chinese, there is a saying that a tea is of better quality the more bitter it is. This makes sense when you consider that the Chinese believe the more bitter the medicine, the better.

As for coffee, if the old stories are to be believed, it was discovered by a goatherd who noticed his goats were more energetic after eating the fruits of a certain plant. He tried it for himself and it was then that humanity discovered coffee.

I wonder, was that really a good thing? Did it really happen that way or are we missing certain information, because coffee in its bean state is quite bitter, and humankind evolved from our not eating bitter things because they were often poison.

This of course, would explain why some people cannot stand the taste of coffee even if they love the aroma.

Coffee and tea have been said to increase alertness and increase productivity because they give us an energy boost and make us more aware. Getting high or hyper after taking a cup of coffee is not unusual. The more extreme ones are often very fidgety and high-strung after just a cuppa.

But is all this energy really good for us?

In this day and age, we need the energy boost coffee gives us because it keeps us more alert and enables us to do more things with the time that’s been given to us. However, we keep finding more things to fill up that extra time because we don’t want to waste it, to the point that many become pointless and trapped in this never-ending cycle.

Do I blame coffee?

Certainly, though it’s not the only thing to blame. But it’s the idea that we can, and should do more things with the extra energy and time we now have that we keep filling it with meaningless activities and objects. There’s no longer a “let’s just relax for the sake of relaxing” anymore. No real downtime.

Coffee isn’t the cause, but it’s a contributor. Yet for coffee addicts like me, it’s essential because it gives us the wakeup call and boost we need to get started in the morning. So what can we do?

Find a space/time each day, EVERY DAY, without fail, to just simply BE. Relax, shut out distractions, and just let yourself BE. Be inactive, and let your brain process/analyse what’s happen.

You’ll be surprised.

Avoiding the flu

When it comes to immune systems, my brother’s system is stronger than mine, so I rarely fall sick unless he does. Most times, I crash out due to exhaustion, or fall sick because I was exhausted.

Which was the case last night.

Was actually sniffling by the time I came home yesterday and all I wanted to do was sleep, yet I found myself at the comp till about 8.30 and was kicked off the comp by a close friend. After that, I slept till my mom came home, woke up but didn’t answer her, and then went back to sleep.

And the next day (today), I’m awake at 6.30am and writing this entry. No more sniffling, feel a bit hungry cause I skipped dinner yesterday and my body tells me it’s been sweating the whole night. Not bad, actually for avoiding the flu.

And now, I shall bath. XD


So yesterday seemed to be ending on a good note that I actually spent some time gaming. Well, that didn’t last too long.

Kuro has this metal piece sticking out his back that I was not able to remove during his assembly. Normally it’s not a problem, but the way I sit and his position under the table is begging for a violent introduction.

My left foot made that introduction yesterday.

Thanks to my own carelessness, I cut my foot yesterday. It’s a small cut, but irritating enough to warrant washing and a small plaster. No, I don’t get fazed by wounds that bleed freely.

This morning I woke up, took the bandage out and noticed it was still a bit raw. Took a bath, washed it again and then bought and applied new bandages from Guardian.

It’s irritating more than anything else. Ow.