Pink October

Raising funds for Makna and NCSM (both cancer foundations in Malaysia).

[Nanowrimo] It’s started!

And I am 9k words in.

So in case you wondered what happened to me, know that I am still around. Just busy puttering about in my novel. If you’re wondering why I’m so silent on Twitter and the like, it’s Work. :p Outside of work, it’s Nano.

So thank you for your patience.

Oh, and as a side note, if you’ve got some spare change, please donate to Makna for Pink October. If you’re having issues donating or anything, do let me know and I’ll see if I can help get it fixed. Thank you!

[PinkOcto] A friendly reminder!

Breast Self-Examination, or BSE as it’s called, is one of the things women can do to catch early warning signs of cancer. However, as we saw at Don’t Duck It, it’s not something a lot of people do often. You know how one of the things they used to say about Apple was, “There’s an app for that.” ?

Well, as it turns out…

There’s an Android and iPhone app for BSE reminders. Though I’m not too sure if those “hunky” guys are cute enough for me to do my BSE. Still, it was a good thought.

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[PinkOcto] Nanoparticles!

Now this is interesting.

In 2008, researchers discovered they could use nanoparticles to target cancer cells more effectively. Three years later, they’ve finally progressed from cancer cells in a lab dish to animal testing.

To their surprise, not only did the cancer drug work, but it was also required less of the drug required to function. This is great news, because the drug we’re talking about is cisplatin, which is a platinum drug that’s used to treat cancer. Remember I said earlier that the treatment is worse than the cure? Well, when you consider the side effects of cisplatin

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