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[DIY] How to set the Hager EH711 pin timer

When we first moved into this house, my dad got the Hager EH711 pin timer to regulate the porch light. After he passed away, I never had a reason to look at it until mom tried to change the timer.

This was when I realised that no one had written a simple step-by-step blog post kind of style guide for setting the Hager EH711. There’s either videos or manuals that are all pics based and without much text. So I’m here to tell you HOW to set your Hager EH711 to your lighting/power needs.

Setting it up

To install your Hager EH711… just Google it. Seriously, there are a LOT of guides online. Also I feel a need to thank Aman Zaki for explaining a little on how the timer works, but his instruction in Malay isn’t really very clear on how to actually set the timer. And this video on Youtube that finally cleared up all my questions.

Hager EH711 Properly Set

Setting your on-off times


1 – The arrow that tells the device what time is it
2 – Your automatic or manual switch. I = Manual, O = Automatic.
3 – The timer pins
4 – 24hr clock

  • Set the time on your Hager EH711 pin timer by turning the plastic face covering the clock until you reach approximately the time right now AT THE TRIANGLE marked 1. This tells the pin timer what time it is.
  • If you want things to be switched on automatically, rotate the black dial in (2) clockwise till the white item reaches O.
  • Push the pins back for the time you want, eg if you want your porch light switched on from 730pm, then you would push the pins between 20.30 to 7.10.

And that’s it! If this doesn’t work you probably messed up on the wiring or something. You’ll know if it’s working because it’s immediate. In my case, because the time I was setting overlapped my current time (aka it was 10pm when I set it switch the lights on from 7.10PM to 7.10AM), I flicked the porch light switch off and the light stayed on.

Good luck!

A quick update

If everything goes well, I’ll be posting a [NaoReviewing] piece on Buddhify this Sunday. I love this meditation app, and it’s been helping me find quiet spots to meditate. Works wonders when I’m standing around in the LRT (current job posting’s in KLCC for the short term).

I’m also planning to upload a video or two about my Clash of Clan attacks. Mainly because I just love seeing my witches in action. There was also a fun GoHog attack I recently finished I had too, so that’s always good.

Things I’m learning this week: Screen recording for Android and how to add a voiceover to a Youtube video. Am also planning to do a quick ebook on a social media career in Malaysia, but haven’t had time to sit down and write yet (or rather, brain’s been on holiday).

With that, see you guys in a bit!

PS: If Zrytec and Cetrizine as antihistamines don’t work for you, consider going for TelfastD. Got a strip from Guardian KLCC today at RM14.70, and my nose stopped dripping within 40 minutes. With the haze going around I’ll take all the antihistamines that won’t kill me. ^^l

Baby Nyaoko I am!


Baby Nyaoko is a pretty awesome nickname, to be honest. It sounds like a bubblegum pop princess kind of name. I’ve changed whatever that can be changed to that nickname. I’m tempted to change my Ingress nick too, but we shall see about that.

So how did I get Baby Nyaoko? I’ve come to terms with the fact that I like cats. There’s also the fact that my nickname is Naoko. There is a reason why I should not write when half-asleep. 😛 The name was actually given by Tenta aka Tibbar deNgiw for the reasons stated above.

And the fact that I have two milk teeth which makes my dentist go o_O as they show no signs of falling off yet. So [Nyan (cat) + Naoko] x Baby = Baby Nyaoko.

Does that read right…?

Focus, focus focus!

Today was one of those days when I felt really depressed and angry at the world. Not to mention useless and being overall despondent at my ability to cope with work. Basically I feel like I am drowning, and everyone is simply looking at me drown.

However, literally getting out of the office and talking to people I rarely talk to did wonders for my mood. That and a 20 minute run. Didn’t get too far with it, but I’m finding my body responding on a way I did not know it could. That’s always an awesome thing.

Then this appeared in my inbox.

I never thought to look at my working hours that way. The way my current responsibilities go, it feels a lot like death by a thousand paper cuts. I move from one task to another in the hopes I can finish them before the clock runs out, but as I discovered today, that is at best, a futile hope.

So I am going back to basics. I am going back to focusing on one task at a time. One step, one project, at a moment. None of this nonsense of a million places at once. I can multi-task, but only if my brain is not working on it. So a literal step back, and more focused thoughts will work much better.

And because I really need to remind myself:

a. Break everything down into tiny pieces FIRST. One step at a time. Control your panic, and breathe. We can get through this.
b. Work on it chronologically. You know the steps, you always have. Don’t jump from one task to another. We both know your mind doesn’t work that way. Step by step. One feet in front of the other. That is how we have always been.
c. Off time is sacred, but it is not just play. Write, woman. We both feel it when you don’t. *kick*
d. Even if you think it won’t help, exercise. We both know you love the feeling. SO GO AND FEEL, DANGNABIT!
e. Final note: Their choices are not yours. Their stories are not yours. Yours is not their story. So yes, it’s completely ok to feel all those things. Joy, despair, hope, annoyance, everything is normal. Everything is working as it should be. Theirs is not your path. Your path is not theirs, no matter how much they try to make it seem.

My dearest, darling, you know what feels right. How it feels right. No one can take that away from you unless you let them. Release, and breathe. It’s fine. Let go.

And live.