Weekly Update!

Pigeons playing by the pool!

Kinda late, mainly because last week was insane. This is why.

Seriously considering creating a new blog series called “NaoRenovates.” Have had two looks at the house, and yeah, it’s been a crazy Chinese New Year week.

Right now, I’ve finalised a renovation wishlist and it’s been given to a contractor for a quotation. I’m going to call HomeMark on Monday tomorrow to see if he needs to measure my house first before recommending the kitchen cabinet or if I can just drop by his office on Saturday to get his opinion.

I’ve also been looking for beds. Right now I’m looking at the Florence Genoa Elegance mattress, which comes with a very simple headboard and divan frame. It’s a bit on the high side of my budget but I like how the mattress feels.

Appliances-wise, I’m still shopping about, but it’s most likely going to be from HLK stores, simply because they seem to have the best prices and savings.

The renovation list is mainly all about the small stuff. Issue with it are simply the room sizes. You can tell it’s a family-oriented home, simply because the living room takes up the most space with the rest of the rooms being rather small.

We shall make do the best we can!

100 posts, 100 Stories

Image by Ramunas Geciauskas on Flickr
Image by Ramunas Geciauskas on Flickr.

So [Rincredulous] sent me a link to a very interesting challenge. It was quite simply, 100 topics to write about when you hit a block. However, while chatting with her, she suggested I do both short story and themed blog post (the result of which you can read here) but that’s neither here nor there.

So if you’re wondering, here’s my chosen 100 topics, taken straight from the 100theme challenge on DA. I might add a short story to it, I might not. Or maybe a blog post. We shall see. Read More »100 posts, 100 Stories

Quick Life Update

Quick life updates, mainly as a reminder to self:

In the travel section:

  • Buy tickets for Angela Aki in Yokohama, Tentative concert date: 19 April. Tix sales open 1 March, 2014. I am now torn between buying tickets for the May concert instead of the April one. April’s closer but it also means more expensive plane tickets and accommodations. If I go for the May 10 concert, it’ll be in Hokkaido and there’s a public holiday I can use to save my leaves. Decisions decisions.
  • Look up accommodations based on the places mentioned above

In the writing/reading section:

  • Review Christian Jacq’s books. Just finished Tree
  • Finish Suara. Going to try a new method; writing 10k words per quest instead of letting myself ramble. I forgot you could write entire novels based on a single subquest. T_T
  • Continue with Bloodschild. Tentatively have started on Book 2, but it’s book 2 in the sense I’m done with introducing the characters and partially the boundaries of the world. What’s left is to impose actual rules on the use of magic in the story and its world. There’s also the fact that I probably need some sort of connective symbol between the three layers. (Stop making me typo, Naoko!)
  • Go through stack of Big Bad Wolf Books
  • Add interesting links to Pocket. I need to lessen the distractions at work
  • Write something for KL Noir: Blue. I have the glimmers of an idea, but what remains is to actually write it.

Personal stuff:

  • Obligatory aaaaaaaa Comic Fiesta is in how many days *runs like chicken with head off*
  • Time to cut my nails. Or maybe colour them, make them pop a bit for said CF.
  • Damn, Christmas is almost here? AAAA what to get for the parents???
  • Wow, the year is *finally* coming to an end. Unlike last year, this year feels really draggy.

Sofia the First

So one of the things I did over the weekend was to watch cartoons over at the Disney Channel in the hotel room. The one that caught my eye was this series called “Sofia The First,” supposedly about a girl whose mother married into the royal family and then she became a princess.

At first I thought the series was pretty laudable. They made mention of the fact that she’s in a family with stepsiblings and a step-parent, but it started going downhill once they began emphasising on the fact that she was going to a Princess School.

The episode I caught was called “The Shy Princess” and it was as cliché as you could get. The Royals are paired off and they have to come up with an art project about “Their Dream Castle” which made me cringe. But hey, it’s aimed at kids, right?

So Sofia gets paired with this princess who’s supposed to be shy. The other kids at school often speculate and gossip about her, because no one seems to be able to talk to this girl. However, Sofia discovers that Vivian isn’t as bad as people makes her out to be. She just has “issues talking in public.”

Then Sofia discovers that music makes Vivian more confident of herself, and encourages Vivian to sing with her for their presentation. It goes well, and Vivian is suddenly accepted by everyone in the class, but particularly the “Queen Bee” clique of the school. I flipped tables.

Things that Disney got right in this episode were:

  • Gossiping kids
    We all know how cruel and imaginative kids can get when trash talking others. They got this one right, with the princesses speculating that Vivian’s parents were gnomes and she lived in a cave with bats and a dragon (They got the dragon bit right, at least).
  • Cliques
    The Queen Bee clique was made of 3 girls, with the usual “head honcho” girl and her two assistants. While they were not physically mean, they were also quite condescending and bullying, because they spoke bad about Vivian even though she was there.

What drove me crazy was this:

  • Vivian’s not “shy”
    Her anxiety at talking to others, how she tries to blend in with the background and her actual panic at talking to other people and hopelessness at her own self sounds more like she has anxiety issues and mild depression. She also shuts herself and literally runs away from people. That doesn’t sound like “shyness” to me. It sounds like Vivian has serious issues.
  • The solution? Express yourself!
    Sofia gets Vivian to “express” herself through her music. While seeking the approval of others. I… faceplanted.

Yes, I understand that this is a kids’ show and I probably shouldn’t overanalyse, but it really annoys me when things like these happen. Give me more Phineas and Ferb please.