Getting life back on track

Too many things to do, too little time to do it. When I do have the time, I don’t have energy or mental faculties required to complete it. I love what I do, but if it’s leaving me drained then something has to change.

Tomorrow might be the first weekend in a long weekend I may not have much to do. So here’s my action plan for tomorrow and the next few days. Maybe if I break it down into these smaller lists, I might not feel so overwhelmed.

  • Hit the post office and send that package off.
  • Have breakfast, come home, nap for a bit
  • Begin Operation Clear Desk! Throw out anything I don’t have a use for. Go through my drawers and throw everything that I have not used or read in the past six months. Throw my documents into said drawers. File receipts properly.
  • I know I won’t finish, but I do have to mop the room (will use lazy way) to do so.
  • Dinner with Sis and Rly.
  • Sleep.
  • Camp Nanowrimo
  • Some work

I think… that’s about all.

Another to do list

Before I forget:

– Review of Ghost Trick, Golden Sun and Rockmelt
– Life updates
– Get new clothes for CNY
– Complete writing meme
– Write more, or at least work on TGP more. I like the middle but I’m not very happy with the beginning

Quick list

Things to do:

– Write the Factoidz for Nanowrimo, Malaysian food and guide on how to use Focuswriter
– Test Mom’s lappie
– Write another chapter of Sunlight Kisses
– Update Buttering Finances with review of Dungeon Treasures and

Things to do + 1 Meme

Just a reminder to self:

– Write entry on Otome games
– Clean up study desk, put some books up for sale, mop floor
– Read up on Selangor’s Freedom of Information Bill – Write article on how to use that once it’s confirmed


To be done when I wake up later: Replace current Seagate drive, install old harddisk, re-install Windows 7 and migrate things from Ele to Kuro, then put Kuro back on the floor after cleaning out the dust. Done!


Also, meme, since Max asked nicely, and Fenix posted the link earlier:


Things to do while waiting

Stuff I need to write/edit:

1. Edit Nanonovels
Book 1: Key’s Twilight needs editing. It is also sitting on Zoho Writer because apparently GDocs can’t handle documents with more than 114,000 words. 😀 It’s over 512kb apparently. Basically it needs to be edited for flow, grammar check and spelling. Book 2: Key’s Kiss requires completion. At 53,000, it’s nowhere near done. I still need to actually get to the END of the books. And decide if I wanna make this year’s Nanonovel all about finishing the Key Trilogy.

2. Write Celefina
I have the ending, I have the opening. Now I need to actually write their stories. There’s five parts to this book and the setting is half inspired by Shadow of Colossus and Prince of Persia the movie (shows how bad the movie is that I want to rewrite the entire thing). I can get through the prologue, but the first arc is already making me go bwuH? 😛

3. Begin Shieri
Interesting character that popped into the head one day. I may base her on a friend, because she seems to take quite a lot of personality traits from that friend. Including the sensitivity to spirits. 8D And the sex appeal. XD