Comic Fiesta

Comic Fiesta 2008 notes and announcements.

CF Report, in a nutshell

It is… exhausting.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the Solo and Group cosplay competitions, but I heard it was good.

Set-up was exhausting with the insane run for banks. Thank you CIMB for having RM5. Maybank, you SUCK. WTF do you mean you don’t change money after 12? It’s not just inconvenient, but also inane. Despite that, I went back to the hotel to rest after passing the money, then went to pick Sring up from Perhentian Duta (CONFUSION AHOY!) and while waiting for Jin and Shereen to come back, joined in the insane assembly line that is the…

The Goodie Bag!

Yes, pictures to follow, so wait for it please!

Day 1… was a blur.
Day 2… also a blur.

Thanks to everyone who came! I’ll write more later when I’m not to sleepy, but yes… COMIC FIESTA 2008 IS FINALLY OVER! I’m sad yet happy at the same time.


Comic Fiesta in 25 hours and counting

I won’t be in till Monday I believe, though if I manage to get WiFi working at Pyramid I may be able to update. Hope to see you all there at Comic Fiesta 2008!

[Chris], I hope you’re reading this, because I just heard from a friend that we’re also having characters from Soul Calibur appearing. Specifically, we are going to be seeing a completely-costume-accurate Sigmund Siegfried (as you can tell I don’t really play the game). Please also remind TTL, Karen, [Joicy] and the others. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!! 😀

On another note… Blood+ is nothing short of epic. I skipped to watch the last 15 eps or so (the London/New York arc, which is where my costume is from) and I can honestly say, I have never seen an anime more well-executed. They don’t have the usual cutesy-exaggerated faces that most other animes do, and although there are some parts where the animation looked a little blurred, I find myself hearting it all the same.

The fight between Haji and Amshel was one of the highlights. They truly looked like two dragons fighting in the night sky. I love how the emotions were portrayed, especially when it came to Saya and Diva. Here’s a random piece I wrote when I first saw the episode about a year or so ago (link is to my DeviantArt account).

Poor Diva. She always seemed to get the short end of the stick, but perhaps that was just how things were. Although she was arrogant, like Nathan said, at the end of it all, she just wanted a family. She wanted the things that her sister had that she did not have.

The poor child.

Cut for speculation. Read More »Comic Fiesta in 25 hours and counting

Morning quickies

I still have the Thankful Meme to complete, will do that later. The draft isn’t quite done yet.

Am posting this because according to Neko…


*Goes back to panicking*

PS: If you haven’t seen this one already… Now I really feel like going for that makeover. IT’S CHEAP! *_* RM10 for a makeover + RM50 worth of makeup items in ONE RM60 voucher by Majolica Majorca!