[Nano] Inner Editor Grumbles


Excuse me. Inner Editor Angie here. There’s been quite a few things the girl has been writing (HEY!) that frankly, doesn’t quite meet my standards. Now, considering that this is Nanowrimo we’re talking about AND that the child is actually making effort to write a coherent and concrete story for once, I’m going to let it slide. However, there are some things that need to be revisited AFTER this draft is done, so here’s a list for you. Now, don’t make that face at me. If you’re going to ignore me for an entire MONTH just so you can get the story out, then you bet your pretty little Mokona I’m going to make sure you actually EDIT the bloody thing after Nano.

Things to note:

  • Time frame between first and second gen. 200 years seems enough for at least six, not three generations. Get that cleared up.
  • Naoko needs a knife in that rempit scene. You know which one I’m talking about.
  • The T in TGP needs clarification. Right now it looks like a Mary Sue
  • ALL action scenes need to be revisited. PRONTO.
  • Disposable characters much?

And this is just for the FIRST 25k words. I look forward to editing the rest. Ehehehe. *evil laugh*

(The author, as you can guess, is whimpering now).


Nano 2010 Notes

Note to self: No more Chinese tea after 8.30pm next time. It’s 4.35am and I still can’t sleep. Argh.

Summary of this year’s Nano book:

Hands stained with blood. A sister born of imagination. The girl with the Spirit Tattoos. The Man with the golden rings. A priestess at the behest of a Goddess. So goes the prophecy:

Child of Light
Dear Heaven’s Delight
Child of Dark
The Shadow’s Bark

The Balance Tips
jAnGlE oNce
The Goddess weeps

Six billion people on a planet
Meant to support two at most
When the Veil is torn
hEAVEN Hell Come Tumbling downnn

Thus it is written.

And urgh that style of writing was painful. Oi Naoko, what were you on this time? Also, forget it. I’m not playing a scythe lover or a siscon mature. *rolls to bed*

Things to do while waiting

Stuff I need to write/edit:

1. Edit Nanonovels
Book 1: Key’s Twilight needs editing. It is also sitting on Zoho Writer because apparently GDocs can’t handle documents with more than 114,000 words. 😀 It’s over 512kb apparently. Basically it needs to be edited for flow, grammar check and spelling. Book 2: Key’s Kiss requires completion. At 53,000, it’s nowhere near done. I still need to actually get to the END of the books. And decide if I wanna make this year’s Nanonovel all about finishing the Key Trilogy.

2. Write Celefina
I have the ending, I have the opening. Now I need to actually write their stories. There’s five parts to this book and the setting is half inspired by Shadow of Colossus and Prince of Persia the movie (shows how bad the movie is that I want to rewrite the entire thing). I can get through the prologue, but the first arc is already making me go bwuH? 😛

3. Begin Shieri
Interesting character that popped into the head one day. I may base her on a friend, because she seems to take quite a lot of personality traits from that friend. Including the sensitivity to spirits. 8D And the sex appeal. XD

Writing about cultures not my own!

Got linked to this first, by IN. Then I read the actual article.

If a writer is afraid of writing about us due to all the weight this task carries, and if this fear thus renders that writer unable to write, I do not think it is our obligation to reassure and soothe and praise said writer. I do not think we should muzzle our anger out of consideration for people who cannot write about us for fear of their offences invoking our rage. I do not think we should ask for anything less than acknowledgement and respect: not just for us as a people and as a nation, but also for our history of colonization and oppression, for the inequalities that persist within and without our country, for the present struggle for self-determination and identity that’s often hampered and warped by influences from the spheres of our former colonial masters.

Context may have been Filipino, but this transcends borders and race.