Spam 1

What is spam? Spam is basically pork meat, that has beaten and grinded to a pulp. Well, I’m not sure if that is it, but I do that it is made from rejected parts of the pig that are too good to throw away.

Now, what is email spam? Same as above, except that the base parts are not made out of pig meat. They are made out of gluttony, which is what a pig does anyway. The only difference between the pig who ‘donates’ his meat to humankind to be eaten and the ‘pig’ which produces email spam is that you can actually eat the pig spam. Eating the other spam will make you sick, or in some cases make you severly doubt your sexual identity.

Well, that’s all the things I can think of to write about now. In case you actually understand the meaning of the word Linux, Opera and Mozilla, go to for some serious geek news that show that geeks are closet comedians.


Rape. What an ugly word. Despite all efforts, it still looms large in our society today. Not only in Malaysia, but in other countries as well. It is more than a sexual crime, more than a crime of violence. It is the basest crime of the human race. It doesn’t matter who are the victims or the perpetrators. It doesn’t matter whether the victim was a man or a woman, the perpetrator a relative or a total stranger. It’s all about power on the part of the perpetrator, and absolute domination over the victim.

You may have noticed that I used the word perpetrators, and not criminals. This is because when you refer to a crime, you can normally atone for your deeds. You can be punished and in many cases, you can ask forgiveness for it. The loss of material things is one thing. You can always work to regain them. The loss of innocence, the loss of life, is far more painful, far more difficult to overcome. What’s more, you can claim compensation if you’re dead, but not so for rape.

Let me explain.

Rape cripples you. In many ways it is far more devastating than simply dying. When you die, that’s it. Nothing to it. You’re dead. It’s final. But when you’re raped… You have to live with the knowledge that you were brutally violated. And remember, the stigma will not be on the rapist, but rather the woman, the victim.

I’ve known any number of men who told me that if a woman should be raped, why should she keep on fighting? Whether she wants to or not, it’s going to happen. Furthermore they say, women should not be wearing such thin clothes or such short skirts or walking alone.

These are the same men who say that women should be clothed from head to toe, regardless of their religion, skin colour or race, or most importantly, simply because they are women. They should not tempt men, because men have no self-control. That says something about their thinking, doesn’t it?

If it is about deterring rapists, there should be one, and only one humane way to do this. Castration. You’re not going to kill anyone, you’re not going harm them. You’re just going to take away their ability to have children. This goes especially double for incest offenders.

If the human rights organisations say it is too barbaric, then is not rape a barbaric crime? Why should we be compassionate to those who have none? And compared to any number of other options, I believe that castration is the only deterrent and punishment suitable for rape. And for incest family victims, their relative can still earn a living. After all, what role is that small part going to play, in let’s say, office-work?

Piracy in Malaysia

There was a proposal recently to make CDs, VCDs and DVDs controlled items. For those who don’t know, this means that the Government will control the prices of the above items. This is happening in Malaysia of course. Hey, I’m a Malaysian, so I think that givens me a right to rant and rave about her. ;p

Previously, the controlled items included only essentials like foodstuff. Ceiling prices were fixed so that consumer would not be fleeced, particularly during festival times. The method has worked well so far. They now want to apply it to the recording industry, in a move to tackle the menace of pirates.

Anyone who has been to Malaysia in the past few years would know about the ‘scourge’ of piracy. They used to be limited to items such as watches, branded clothe, etc., but now, piracy of CDs and VCDs are big business. When it first started, movies were being shown about three months later, if ever, in the cinema from the US release date.

Thanks to piracy, we now get to watch them almost simultaneously, if not before the US audience. Hehehe… I call that sweet revenge. However, the industry made a huge noise, saying that they were losing a lot of money. Hmm… How shall I put it delicately… Bullshit?

Most of us don’t bother to buy VCDs to watch the good movies. In fact, we would all trek to the cinema and buy tickets to watch the show. It was rather rare for us to buy VCDs of popular movies, unless the movie was good enough to warrant repeated viewing. Most of the movies are the exact expressions of Hollywood, no substance, just air. Good marketing though.

The Malaysian recording industry say that if the Government were to control the prices, it would affect the livelihood of the artists who depend on royalties to survive. To them I have only one thing to say.

Have you guys ever considered that you should give more royalties to the artists and spend less time in your cushy seats? I’m trying to say that the recording industry (i.e. the CEOs of the companies and the Board of Directors) should not take more than maybe, 5% of the total cost of producing one CD. It would make the whole thing cheaper and ensure that the artist gets his/her rightful pay. Make up for the loss of profit with volume.

Like most of my friends, mention the words “Malay Music


Anyone who has seen a Chinese martial arts show dealing with the supernatural or even something that comes close to it will realise something almost immediately. All those who fight demons etc., are all excellent kung-fu fighters, or they have some of the basics.

The reason is simple. Anyone who has read or heard of chi will immediately understand. Chi, or sometime qi, is basically about breathing techniques. Those who read Dragon ball and other manga titles in the same veins will understand.

What martial art does is to give the practitioners a focus. Chi exponents use martial arts to focus their breathing. I once asked my grandmother, and she told me that as recently as 60/70 years ago, people were still able to fly and to do many other things we now see in the movies. Unfortunately, the knowledge seems to be lost now.

Martial arts were to have originated in China. More specifically, in Shaolin. There were two Shaolins, if I am not mistaken. One was in the North, and the other in the South. Either way, there is a saying that all martial arts came from Shaolin. This is not quite true, but it serves. Martial arts, as we know today, came from Shoalin, but Shaolin martial art itself was a mixture of different styles. What they did was simply to give the styles a structure and format.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I just saw a TV show on battling demons and in some cases, a “Wu Lei.

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is not one that is widely celebrated, at least in Malaysia. When the occasion arises, the Feast is celebrated, but I doubt that most Catholics in Malaysia would know when the Feast is.

Mary is the Mother of Christ. Some believe that she is nothing more than a myth. Others think that she is just a normal human being. Why give such honour to a mere mortal woman? They ask.

From a historical point of view, Jesus Christ can be said to be responsible for changing the course of history. If not, most of us would still be worshipping whatever Pantheon was in our region; Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Greek/Roman Gods.

That is one of the reasons why the woman who gave birth to him is so celebrated. But there is another reason as well. Remember that in ancient times, women were not given that much rank, but in Mary’s case, she is seen as second only to God, and rightly so.

Those who read the Bible will realise that Adam and Eve were considered the first sinners, as they took the Forbidden Fruit. What many forget is that just Jesus brought man back to God, in a similar vein, we could say that Mary did the same thing for women. What could be more just, than if the world was brought to know sin through a man through a woman, than for salvation to be brought to us from a man through a woman.

That’s just a thought of mine, so the next person who says that women are born evil should go back and re-read their information.

Furthermore, she is the model of pureness and submission. No, I don’t mean submission as in to Fate, but to the Will of God. How many of us, when confronted with such a choice, would have said yes? Some say that Mary did not think about the consequences about her actions, merely trusting in God to provide for her. I disagree.

I would bet with you that she did think about it, but chose to follow His word anyway. She hesitated. If not, then why was her initial response one of uncertainty?

She is a role model to all of us. Who else could have followed His Word faithfully? Who else could have been the perfect example of saying ‘yes’ to God?

Many Catholic priests and brothers are devoted to her, as are the women. Our Protestant cousins (no insult, just that I used brothers and sisters as to denote the vocations) do not believe in her, in fact they denounce us as to say we WORSHIP her. How untrue!

We do not pray to her, but we ask her to pray for us. She is our intercession, our middleman (or woman). Some may ask, why go through a middle person at all? Why not go straight to God? We all do, but remember that when we fight, we often cannot meet with the person we fought. We are either to embarrassed or proud to acknowledge them. We often use intermediaries.

Mary is the same as that. Furthermore, she gives extra strength to us, not only as faith and belief in her Son, but consolation as well. It is said that Jesus comes to the Saints often not alone, but with His Precious Mother as well. Devotion to Jesus through Mary has yielded results that can still be seen today.

I’m assuming that everyone knows about the Miracle at Lourdes and at Fatima. If you don’t, well, please do a Google search on that. I’ll write on that one later. The proof that I am talking about lives in Rome. He’s on his last legs, but faith in the youth and in Mary and Jesus keeps him alive and kicking. Though he is old, he is still quite popular with youths.

Can’t guess? He is none other than Pope John Paul II. His devotion to Mary, who could be said to be not much older than us when she accepted the Word, is famous and legendary. On the Hem of his robes is the letter ‘M,’ for Mother Mary. And she has taken care of him. Regardless as to what others might say, I believe that she looks after him still. Who else would have interceded for him when he was shot in 1984? (I think). Jesus did, with lots of help from Mary.

Another proof is my grandmum. She is old, getting on to be about 77 this year. Her devotion to Mary has been passed down to her children and her grandchildren (like me!) and is nothing short of legendary in the family. Every night before she goes to bed she says her rosary, which is a special devotion prayer to Mary. Not only that, even when she was on her deathbed she had her Rosary near, and when we had to send her to the hospitals when she was quite ill, one of the most important thing to bring was her Rosary. It had to be either under her pillow or in her hand or pocket.

The main reason why I am saying this is because of a miracle that happened not too long ago. My grandmother had a stroke in the middle of the night. I could not hear her as I was sleeping in the front room. Somehow she called my aunt who lived not too far away, the latter who woke me up. We found my grandmum on the bed. The room was a mess and the phone was off its’ hook, indicating that my grandmum had fallen.

To this day, my grandmother has no recall of how she made it to the phone or how she got back. My other aunt, who is a devout person herself, suggested about a month later that maybe the one who had made the Call was Mary herself. My grandmum has a very strong devotion to her.

Mary is my Queen. It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. How true it is!