Running thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed at work. Yosh! I need to run instead of just staying still and being satisfied where I am.

Kinda feeling a bit under-appreciated at the forums because yes, it seems that I am overstepping my boundaries as a Treasury Assistant. I’m not apologetic about what I did. I know some people don’t like me doing so. My justification is simple: We have a deadline to keep. I may not be officially recognised as such, but I will ensure that we do what we can to meet it.

That said, I would like to thank all the CF-ers and the comm for putting up with me. I apologise for causing you uneasiness, but I don’t apologise for taking the action in the first place. Thank you for putting up with my busy-bodiness and rewrites to your copy.

And hilariously enough, I started this post to remind myself:

Each day is a new day. Every time you awaken, your world starts anew. So treat it as such, and let yesterday’s sorrows and frustration remain in yesterday. Today is a brand new day, and why colour with old paint when you can have new?

Time to keep moving forward.