[Politics] Double speak, in double time

This… sounds off. As usual, emphasis mine.

Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa chief and Pasir Mas MP (Independent)

The victory shows that the people want peace and political stability. This is proof that the people welcome the leadership of Najib Razak as prime minister. It also proof that the people reject racial politics.

Only the Chinese community appeared to not feel indebted to the BN government. It is clear that the influence of MCA and Gerakan has been rejected by the Chinese community. The government has met all sorts of demands from the Chinese community and yet there is little reaction.

The attempts by certain parties to malign the good name of Perkasa in the Hulu Selangor by-election has failed to make any impact. The people are beginning to understand the propaganda and lies of Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters, and I am confident that the people will put the nation’s first.

First he claims that people reject racial politics, then he singles out the Chinese. I’m… confused.