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Marriage is a sacrament, according to most. A promise one makes to their bethroed, to the person that they are supposed to take care of till the end of their lives. In the olden days, marriage was meant to be a of business arrangment, with the commodities being the procreation of a genetic line and the binding of the mother to a single male (legally, according to the law, which we all know doesn’t always happen).

So, what’s the difference between marriage then and marriage now? Now, we factor in the emotions, that people marrying because (to an extent) they choose their own partners. How many of us know that when we marry at times, we marry because it’s the right thing to do, or circumstances (such as forgetting the condom, parents catching you in the act, etc.) forced us?

I suppose what I’m trying to say is what marriage means to me. What does it mean to me? It’s a commitment between two people not to sever the links between them. There’s a deep emotional bond that no one else has (for them, I mean) and that their partner is more than simply their mate.

Yet at the same time, I’m afraid of marriage. Of what it means. Being bound to just one person for the rest of my natural life sounds stifling (this makes even more sense when you know that I’m a Gemini- apparently we’re all scared about commitment, but bleh).

But at the same time, I miss the exclusivity. I miss the warm, secure embrace of another person. Most of all though, I miss the person upon whom I could reflect all my sides to, even bare my soul, even reveal my darkest soul and still have that person accept me for who I am, and to find that same acceptance being radiated from that person to me and back again, to accepting them no matter what they are.

Marriage says that you’ve made a promise, and you’d better not break it. I don’t want to break hearts.

Oh, and to Leo: Give me a few years to think about it, alright? I love you.

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  1. Ahh..marriage. Maybe it’s the impulsive side of me, but I would go and get married right now if the right man proposed. LOL…well, I might regret it but what the heck.

    Sometimes I think people are to bound down to reality and responsibilities and circumstances that they oversee the true meaning of marriage. They put in too many thoughts and rationalization into marriages. I say, follow your heart and not your head.

    LOL…am I making sense?

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