Money matters

From my Twitter: Headset one side koyak. ~_~ money lent to someone also not in yet. ~_~ Sigh, this time PC fair can’t get what I want lor.

Sigh. I really want that new monitor, but if I can’t have it, then so be it. I’m just having a hard time accepting the fact. I’m not sure whether it’s because I feel disappointed with the person to whom I lent the money to, or if it’s because it’s a want I cannot fulfil.

I suspect it’s the former. I’ve known the person for a long time, and money is not something I trust them with. It’s not a statement on the person they are; recent circumstances have led me to believe that they’re not able to pay and I really should have to adjust my expectations to that.

They’ve been more than generous in the past; I myself don’t think it’s fair to hound the person like this. But at least let me know when you can or cannot pay back. I need the money too! Don’t make promises and then don’t deliver! It’s not fair on both sides.

Sigh, looks like I’ll need to deal with this when I can. *Puts emotion in a box and files to be dealt with later*