God has a sense of humour

Here’s my take on it. Nite!


3 thoughts on “God has a sense of humour”

  1. I absolutely love your accent!
    Agh! Adore it! It’s purely adorable! Sorry, I’m too American for an accent, even if I was born in ‘Palestine.’
    But, your right darling. He has a sense of humor, and Sam is in trouble.
    Your right about Religion. I believe in everything I was told, and after hearing a lot of other stuff. It’s kind of annoying, you know? I don’t try to ‘ram it down peoples throats’ but I will tell them what I believe. What I wont tell them is ‘BELIEVE IN THIS DAMN YOU!’
    It’s just not right. So, thank you for your philosophy. As much as I couldn’t understand you [Thanks to my interest in your adorable accent]I got a lot out of your recording. Arigato gozaimasu.

  2. Lol, the only thing that amused me was when you kept using the word “basically” just like how most Malaysians will usually save themselves from Freudian slips whenever they’re prompted to speak English spontaneously.

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