[PinkOcto] Free HPV shots and its effectiveness

Today, in today’s reading of Malaysia’s 2012 budget, Prime Minister Najib announced that free HPV vaccination for women.

So while I was in Hangout today, I discovered a few interesting facts about the vaccines. Sorry Sring, Wiki seems to have more reliable sources:

  1. HPV is a sexually transmittable disease.
  2. HPV vaccines will work as long as you have not been exposed to any of the 4 major HPV variants.
  3. The optimum age for vaccinations are for girls in the stages of early puberty. However, recent research indicates that the HPV vaccines may be effective for ages up to 45 years old.
  4. HPV vaccines may also be taken by males to prevent the virus. As mentioned previously, blowjobs and other sexual activities may help the spread of HPV in the body.
  5. A PAP smear is still advised even after you take the vaccination. It helps to reduce the chances of you getting cervical cancer, but does not 100% prevent it.

I hope this has been useful!

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4 thoughts on “[PinkOcto] Free HPV shots and its effectiveness”

  1. It’s ok my infos are based on my lecture’s and seminar’s so there may be discrepancies anyway.
    My info is based on the vaccines that is available by our country. Which is Cervarix and Gardasil.
    So the vaccine we have only can be given to girls age till 26 who are virgins. I cannot agree with wiki at this point because wiki’s based one unapproved statistical reports sometimes 😡
    Yeah about the men are correct too.
    The reason why only for virgins is because “if your not affected by any of the 4 variants” does not mean much as you can’t early detect whether you have the virus or not. So the cut off point is for those-who-have-never-had-sex-before.
    And yes its not 100% preventable but 90++% is a good percentage enough to take it. And yes you do still need a regular Pap Smear (2-3 years once) to have early detection of the cervical cancer even after vaccination. (Forgot to mention that).


    This website sums up what I want to say about the vaccine lol. And its corresponding with my lecture’s stuff.
    The one my campus is offering is Cervarix.
    Cervical Warts are not harmful so doesn’t really matter much to cover the variant for that or not.
    I haven taken mine because I want to get a 3rd person opinion about Gardasil 😛 when I come out to the workforce.

  2. *So the vaccine we have only can be given to girls age till 26 who are virgins. For those above 26 years old the percentage of the coverage of the vaccine drops as your older. Wiki’s “may be” should be bolded ^^;;;

    Sorry for so much corrections I just woke up.

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